Matthew created this sound palette by pulling out the stops only partially, to a very precise measurement (hence the yellow measuring tape on the console). He then had me press the keys down only partway, which is why I’m wearing gloves in the first two sections because maintaining the partial-pressing of the keys meant gripping them in a way that would wear out my hands without the cushioning of the gloves. They also helped me to stop myself from accidentally pressing the keys down all the way! In the middle sections I’m pressing the keys down all the way, doing a partial recreation of Brahms’ organ chorale prelude No. 4, a piece I’ve been playing since the early 2000s. My first few practice sessions with Herzlich I had to stop myself from recreating Brahms’ “romantic” phrasing. I was really impressed with how Matthew approached writing for a tracker organ, and I love that every time I play it I hear new sounds, wonderfully multifaceted, pulsing sounds. Thanks for my piece, Matthew!


Throwback Thursday to Eva Jessye, conductor. Here is a recording of her choir performing in Porgy and Bess in 1940:

Throwback Thursday to medieval composer Kassiani. I’m no purist, so listen to her gorgeous hymn sung in English:

I’m listening to: Ingrid Stölzel. Being a former choir nerd (and still one at heart) I’m quite partial to this choral piece of hers:

Throwback Thursday to Italian film music composer/arranger/multi-instrumentalist Giulia De Muittis (Alessandroni):

I’m listening to: Kelly Corcoran conduct her group Intersection. This is a two-fer for me because they’re playing one of my faves, Sofia Gubaidulina:

Throwback Thursday to Alma Mahler. In the early 2000s I was listening to a lot of Gustav Mahler, which naturally led to my learning about Alma. I was fascinated by her but those being the early days of the Internet (or, the ‘Net as it was known back then), I didn’t really have a way of hearing recordings of her works. Here are her lovely Lieder, arranged for orchestral accompaniment:

I’m listening to: Tania Miller conducting the Victoria Symphony, Shosty No. 5:

Throwback Thursday to the wonderful Margaret Bonds. This is a powerful performance by Darian Clonts of her “I, Too” from her Three Dream Variations, with text by one of my favorite poets, Langston Hughes:

I’m listening to: Krystal Folkestad Grant. This electroacoustic spoken word piece is pretty electrifying:

And I like this choral piece, “Los invisibiles atomos”:

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