I literally just heard about composer/pianist Courtney Bryan on Twitter (hat tip @DrMaDMo). Take a listen to her beautifully chilling Sanctum for orchestra and recorded sound:

Lo and behold comes my March 2017 female-composer-a-day series to an end! Thanks to friend and fellow music theorist Beth Smith for bringing Kimberly Archer to my attention:

Here on the penultimate day of my March 2017 female-composer-a-day series we present to you Misato Mochizuki:

Three more days of my March 2017 female-composer-a-day series! Have some Hannah Lash music:

March 2017 persists, as does my female-composer-a-day-series! Check out Matana Roberts:

It’s still March 2017, and I’m still posting a female composer a day! Imagine my excitement as an organist when Google offered up this gem by Errollyn Wallen:


March 2017 is drawing to a close, but I’m still keepin’ on keepin’ on with my female-composer-a-day series! Christy Carew is a film composer recommended to me by industry profession Natalie Nicole Gilbert. I like Christy’s Seven Waters: