March 2018

I’m listening to: Lily Chen. I’ve heard her work performed at CNMAT and by the UCBSO (UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra). I like this piece of hers for Chin (zither) and electronics:

Throwback Thursday to: Jeanne Demessieux. Here’s a great organ piece by her that is sure to be making its way into my rep:


I’m listening to: Cassie Kinoshi. I like this wind orchestra piece of hers:

Throwback Thursday to Marianna Martínes. Here’s a cheery sonata of hers:

I’m listening to: Kati Agócs. Here’s a cool piece of hers:

Throwback Thursday to Julia Perry. Check out her chillingly beautiful “Stabat Mater”:


I’m listening to: Brenna Noonan. I really like this electric guitar/percussion track of hers:

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